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Deshotel, Sara

Welcome to Sixth Grade Social Studies!!!

My name is Sara Deshotel and I will be teaching your child Social Studies for the 2022-23 school year. To ensure that your child reaches their full potential we need to work together (teacher/student/parent). Working together requires that you know about my class so we will be able to develop a strong and helpful working relationship that includes communicating clearly and consistently. I want to make sure your child receives the best education that will help him/her succeed now and in the future. To do this, I need you to read and discuss with your child the following procedures and expectations for the year




What to bring to class:

  • I prefer pens, but can use pencils, highlighter-any color

  • 3 ring binder-(2 to 2 ½ size)-this can be used with other subjects

  • Pencil pouch to help students stay organized!

  • 1 box of Kleenex

  • 1 box/container of disinfectant wipes

  • Your Chromebook charged everyday!!!


Beginning of class:

  • Be seated

  • Complete your daily bell ringer

  • Be ready to discuss your work


During Class:

  • Pay attention

  • Give your best effort

  • Raise your hand to ask questions if needed 


After Class:

  • Pack up your materials

  • Throw away any trash

  • Exit in an orderly manner



  • Complete ALL assignments. 

  • Bring all materials to class every day (this includes your computer charged and ready to use)

  • Study and prepare for tests and quizzes.

  • Follow ALL school and classroom rules


1st Verbal warning                        

2nd Student/Teacher conference, punishment work                    

3rd Parental Contact                    

4th Office referral

**As the teacher I hold the right to immediate referral and/or dismissal from class depending on the severity of the infraction. **


To ensure your child’s academic success, it is important to maintain good communication between parent and teacher. I will send out weekly class updates through webpams/google classroom to notify of homework, upcoming tests, or school wide information. Conferences may be scheduled through the office at 318-432-2200, or you may contact me on my I check my email often, so please contact me here with any questions/concerns.


I look forward to having a wonderful year with your child!


Ms. Sara Deshotel


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