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Daily Schedule


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1st Period- 7:55-8:49 ELA LAB  8th (HR)

2nd Period-  8:52-9:42 ELA LAB 8th 

3rd period- 9:45-10:35

4th Period-  10:38-11:28 ELA LAB 7th  

5th Period-  11:31-12:21 ELA LAB 8th 

8th ​Grade Lunch- 12:21-12:51

6th Period- 12:54-1:44 ELA LAB 7th

7th Period-   1:47-2:37 ELA LAB 8th 

8th Period-   2:40-3:30 ELA LAB 7th 

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August / September Calendar

Click here for our August and September school calendar. This will tell you when your A or B student will be attending school.

Friday, September 18, 2020 Group A

***All students (VIP/BAM) will attend school 5 days a week starting Monday, September 21, 2020

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