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Bush, Althea

Welcome To My Online Classroom! 

Mrs. Bush 6th Grade

                 6th Grade Math


Bonus Assignment for students without online access is found below. You may email me to receive a copy via mail.

6th Grade Math – Bonus Assignment

Use current weekly grocery store ads to create meal plans for each situation described below. 

Select items and determine the cost:

Week 1: breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one day for a family of four

Week 2: snacks for a birthday party for 15 guests

Week 3: snacks for a family of six for one week

Week 4: stock the freezer for a family of 5 for a month

For each assignment, organize the work to show the store advertising the item, item description, number of items, cost per item, total cost per item, and final cost for the situation described.  Then complete the item below.

  • Determine how much those same items would cost for twice as many people; for half as many people.

Each week, text picture(s) of your completed assignment to your math teacher’s school email address.  All work is due by May 15, 2020.



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