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Art Syllabus and Information

google classroom codes:

Room 216

Art 6th/7th grade 3rd period: knb3u2x

Art 6th/7th  grade 5th period: jbmou6p

Art 6th/7th grade 6th period: 7bouuta

Art 8th grade 7th period: itosald  

Art 6th/7th grade 8th period: kn6dcfo


Studying art and art history, elements and principles of art and design, as well as creating studio projects are ALL essential to a well-rounded middle school art experience. Embrace all of it and allow it to add to your life experience. Art will foster your creative thinking and problem solving skills, fine motor skills (how well you can use your hands) and increase your awareness of others and your surrounding world. Art is on your shoes, your clothing, your backpack and all around you. Someone designed your clothing. Someone drew and designed the building/room in you which you sit presently; someone designed where you live and the apps on your phone. It is everywhere! Whether you seek to become a better artist or just gain a greater understanding of art and its language and historical components, I am here to help you attain those goals.

Link to syllabus

​Ms. Morris/Art Elective 


School Phone: 318.432.2200​​​​


Art Fee $15: This year you will receive one prepacked art kit in a Ziploc bag to use at home and/or school. You must take care of your kit and use all contents properly as you will only be issued one kit. Loss or damage of supplies will result in losing points on your grade if you are not able to complete assignments! Have your kit with you each day, whether in school or at home.

​Kit contains:

​​1 Sketchbook with cardboard insert​1 wide brush

​​2 No 2 Pencils​​​​1 eraser

​​1 pack Colored Pencils​​​1 pencil sharpener

​​1 set watercolor paint with brush


Sketchbook: Students will have one drawing due per week, which will not be accepted after Friday each week. Students will receive a weekly sketchbook grade for each assignment completed, graded for accuracy and “full page” specifications. (50 points per week) These will be done outside of class this year for “off days” while on A/B Schedule, or in class when we transition to all being in class full time.

Tests: Students will have tests on Elements and Principles of Design occasionally as needed.

Projects: Projects will vary in point value. They will be graded by rubric which will be provided at the time the assignment is given and be completed in class.