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7th Grade History Syllabus

United States History

Mr. Kenneth Choate

(318) 432-2200


Description of 7th Grade United States History

7th grade social studies will discuss the factors that lead to the American Revolution, the difficulties of creating a brand new nation and government, the early issues and solidification of the new republic, westward expansion and conflict with Native Americans, the build up to and the battles of the Civil War, and the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.


Course Text

Each student will receive a copy of the required text from the teacher at the beginning of each unit.


Homework and Grade Policy

All grades, written work, tests and homework will be graded and scaled by standards set by the Ouachita Parish School Board












Excused Absences: All students will receive an equal number of days as were missed to make up any missed assignment or test.

Unexcused Absences:  All students will be expected to have completed all available course work upon returning to school from an unexcused absence.  Re-tests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Homework:  All homework assignments are designed to follow up on the current topic and concepts being studied in class.

Late Work: All late assignments will be accepted and graded, but will be subject to a penalty depending on the severity of the tardiness

Student Organization:  All students are expected to bring their required materials and supplies to class daily.  This includes Chromebooks, student texts and all other items needed for class.

Written Work:  Any work that is written must be written neatly and legibly.  If a student struggles with handwriting, I will accept occasional submissions via email.


Classroom Ettiquette

Below are listed our basic classroom rules and procedures.  These are in addition to the rules laid out in the student handbook.

Classroom Rules
1.  Be respectful towards adults and students.

2.  Be attentive in class.

3.  Take care of all supplies.

4.  Do not open the door.

5.  Do not throw any item in the classroom.


Classroom Procedures

Go to the bathroom and fill water bottles during breaks.
Enter the classroom quietly and have a seat.
Get out all needed materials.  Store everything else under your desk.
Get out homework (if applicable) and begin bellwork individually.
Come to attention when prompted.
Remain seated during instruction.
Participate in instruction.
Work with a partner or in a group when instructed to do so.  Stay on task!
Raise your hand for help and wait quietly.  Keep working while waiting.
Have something to work on if you finish early.
Wait to be dismissed at the end of the class


Parent/Guardian Support

I will be maintaining a page intended to let parents know of our current topics and upcoming test schedule on the Ouachita Junior High webpage at  On the green drop down bar, you can choose “Teacher Pages” and then select Choate, Kenneth from the selections.  I am easily reached via email at, or if you feel the need to talk to me via phone, you can simply call the school and I will return your call during my planning period, which is in the afternoon.  Face to face meetings can be requested via email, and will be scheduled after school. I will be using our text messaging system to inform you of upcoming class events, such as tests or major assignments.  Our class will be utilizing Google Classroom for assignments, homework and handouts that are needed for our class.  I will provide your child with a Google Classroom code unique to their particular class.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!  


Final Notes

Parents, I am looking forward to teaching your child this year.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and I will respond as quickly as possible.  Working together, we can overcome any obstacles that may arise during the school year.

To my new students, welcome to United States History!  We are going to have a great year together, learning about the birth of our own great nation!


Please review the syllabus with your parents/guardians, and provide acknowledgement no later than August 19th.  You may email me your acknowledgement of the syllabus by email, please put “Syllabus Acknowledgement - Your Child’s Name” in the subject line and confirm your acknowledgement in the email body.  Please store your syllabus in your social studies binder as reference for the year.