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VIP Resources

UPDATE: VIP Students begin class Monday, August 29th


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Virtual Instructional Program Resources

This website will be used to keep parents up-to-date on the OPSB Virtual Instructional Program.

Virtual Picture


REMEMBER: Please pay the school fees to ensure that you have insurance to cover any damages to the Chromebook and return your Chromebook contract. 

You will be notified and asked to return to the school to pick up the case for the Chromebook once the district delivers them. These cases will help protect the Chromebook from damages.

For any questions or tech issues, please contact

*****Mrs. Amy Willis @ 432-2215.*****

If there is no answer, then leave a message with the front office @ 432-2200. 

*Click here for VIP Flyer

Applications for VIP are being accepted until August 1st.

After reading the Flyer and Criteria Register Here